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1) God selected certain individuals apart from any meritorious reason which they could supply.

2) The election of certain individuals for salvation and not others was based on God’s sovereign will and His ultimate and hidden purpose, not on anything God foresaw man do (neither foreseen faith nor deed).

3) Faith as well as repentance are gifts of God in grace and are the result of His election and regeneration, not the cause of His selective choice of certain men.

4) The gracious power of God’s regenerating Spirit creates a willing acceptance of Christ only in the elect individual with whom the Spirit chooses to work regeneration effectively.

5) The ultimate cause of salvation is God’s choice of the sinner, not the sinner’s choice of God. This is so because man is dead in sin and no man can, of himself, appropriately respond to the gospel or believe it.

6) God’s election took place before creation and therefore before the actual existence of anyone, elect or not.

Problems with the Calvinistic view are: 1) the assertion of (and need for) an unspecified eternal covenant of grace as a basis for the system, 2) the assertion that faith is a gift which logically follows the regeneration of the elect, rather than a human response which is the condition for regeneration as is taught in the Bible, 3) the denial or, at least, denigration of the doctrine of human freedom and the inherent ability to believe the gospel, 4) the seeming arbitrariness of God in choosing some to be saved and, as He does so, condemning the others to hell (by either actively doing so or by passing over them with the same result), 5) the dismissal, for all practical purposes within the discussion, of the interaction of God’s foreknowledge as it relates to the doctrine of election, and 6) the questionable assertion that foreknowledge equals foreloving or choosing, not the knowledge of all things from God’s eternal perspective. Essentially, the Calvinist sees individual election as an exercise in the sovereign (arbitrary) mind of God which doesn’t take into account His offer of salvation and the free acceptance of all who will believe in the Son (Badger)

Ajaran heresy ini mematikan semangat penginjilan dan mematikan iman ujung2nya. Segala sesuatu telah dipredestinasi ditetapkan dalam dekrit Allah. Kedengaran bagus tetapi bukan ajaran Alkitab.

Memang ajaran Tong dan Lukito kedengaran hebat; namun tidak ada dalam Alkitab.


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